Triads for Apologetics

by John M. Frame

I. Lordship Attributes

A. Control

B. Authority

C. Presence


II. Knowledge

A. True

B. Justified

C. Belief


III. Aspects of Knowledge

A. Object

B. Norm

C. Subject


IV. Topics of Philosophy

A. Metaphysics

B. Epistemology

C. Values (including Ethics)


V. Topics of Epistemology (Outline of DKG)

A. Objects

B. Justification

C. Methods


VI. Uses of “Know”

A. Facts (knowing that)

B. Skills (knowing how)

C. Persons, things (knowing him, her, it)


VII. Objects of Knowledge

A. World

B. God

C. Self (corporate or individual)

VIII. Objects in the World

A. Nature and History

B. God’s Revelation (law, norm)

C. The Self


IX. Revelation

A. General

B. Special

C. Existential


X. Special Revelation

A. Spoken

B. Written

C. Direct


XI. Non-Christian Alternatives

A. Empiricism

B. Rationalism

C. Subjectivism


XII. Perspectives on Knowledge

A. Situational (What are the facts?)

B. Normative (What am I obligated to acknowledge?)

C. Existential (With what understanding of the facts am I ultimately satisfied?)


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