John Frame Bibliography

John Frame Bibliography

[WTJ = Westminster Theological Journal]


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Debate With Michael Martin on the Transcendental Argument for the Non-Existence of God (offsite link) John M. Frame

“Do We Need God to be Moral?” debate with Paul Kurtz in Free Inquiry 16.2 (Spring, 1996).

Foreword,” to Andrew Sandlin, ed., A Comprehensive Faith : Festschrift for Rousas J. Rushdoony (San José: Friends of Chalcedon, 1996).

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Short articles published at

“How Does God Regulate Worship?” Presbyterian Network (Spring, 1999), 12-17.

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“Some Questions About the Regulative Principle,” reprinted at

Van Til and the Ligonier Apologetic,” reprinted at, and at

“Van Til, the Theologian,” at, and at

Walking Together [Address given at the organizing conference for F. I. R. E., the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals, April 27, 1999.]


Short articles and book, published at

Apologetics to the Glory of God , translated into Indonesian ( Phillipsburg : P&R).

Cornelius Van Til (Lecture Outline).

Doctrine of the Knowledge of God , translated into Indonesian ( Phillipsburg : P&R).

History of Epistemology (Lecture Outline).

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Studying Theology as a Servant of Jesus,” pamphlet published by Reformed Theological Seminary Bookstore.

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Materials published at :

A Blind Beggar Becomes an Apologist,” In Covenant 4:3 (June, 2001), 1-2.

No Other God ( Phillipsburg : P&R, 2001).

Open Theism and Divine Foreknowledge,” in D. Wilson , ed., Bound Only Once: the Failure of Open Theism ( Moscow , ID : Canon Press, 2001), 83-94.

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Same, Part II, (Nov., 2001), 434-35.

Serving One Another in Worship,” In Covenant 4:3 (Mar., 2001), 1-2.


Posted at :

  • “Apologetic Method,” Lecture Outline, Sept. 3, 2002.
  • “But God Made Me This Way,” 4.10 (Mar. 11-17).
  • “ Christian Schools ,” 4.11 (Mar. 18-24).
  • Christians and Education: Are Charter Schools the Answer?” 4.14 (Apr. 7-13).
  • “DKG for Apologetics,” Lecture Outline (Sept. 3, 2002).
  • “Imprecations: Holy Fire,” 4.17 (Apr. 29-May 5).
  • “Is the Bible Inerrant?” 4.19 (May 13-20).
  • “Keeping Your Elders Happy,” sermon on Heb. 13:17. 4.28 (July 17-24).
  • May Women Teach Adult Sunday School Classes?” 4.21 (May 27-June 3).
  • “Moving Pictures: Theologizing at the Movies” 4.23 (June 12-19).
  • “No Place to Hide Our Head: the Problem of Homelessness,” 4.9 (Mar. 4-10).
  • “Problems of Apologetics,” Lecture Outline (Sept. 3, 2002).
  • “Should Christians Go to Movies?” 4.18 (May 6-12).
  • “Spousal Abuse: Ground for Divorce?” 4.22 (June 3-9).
  • “The Apostle,” film review, 4.16 (Apr. 21-26).
  • The Other Shoe: Copyright and the Reasonable Use of Technology,” 4.15 (Apr. 14-20. Also posted at .
  • “Triads for Apologetics,” Sept. 3, 2002.
  • “Questions to Ask of Films,” 4.20 (May 20-26).

“Contemporary Worship Music: Quality,” in Tim Dearborn and Scott Coil, ed., More Than a Worship Band (Calvin Institute of Christian Worship , 2002), 175-82. Reprints a chapter of my 1997 book Contemporary Worship Music.

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Who Owns Palestine?Christian Culture (June, 2002), 2.

Worship in Spirit and Truth in Hungarian. Can’t decipher publication data.


Posted at :

Above the Battle?, photocopied for worship course.

Apologetics to the Glory of God in Chinese ( China Evangelical Seminary Press, 2003).

Cornelius Van Til,” in Timothy Larsen, ed., Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals (Leicester/Downers Grove, Inter-Varsity Press, 2003), 682-4.

“Covenant of Works? Yes and No” posted at .

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“Is the Bible Inerrant?” in German, at .

Learning at Jesus’ Feet: a Case for Seminary Education. Pamphlet published by RTS/Orlando.

Machen’s Warrior Children,” in Sung Wook Chung, ed., Alister E. McGrath and Evangelical Theology ( Grand Rapids : Baker, 2003).

“No Moral Justification,” letter to Orlando Sentinel on Terri Schiavo case, published Oct. 24.

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Reply to Don Collett on Transcendental Argument,” Westminster Theol. Journal 65 (2003), 307-309.

Review of Esther Meek , Longing to Know, in Presbyterion 29:2 (Fall, 2003).

“The Other Shoe: Copyright and the Reasonable Use of Technology,” in Lithuanian, at In English here.

Tribute to D. Clair Davis,” in The Practical Calvinist (Christian Focus).

“Should Christians Go to Movies?” Christian Culture (May, 2003), 2-3.


Foreword to Andrew Sandlin, ed., Backbone of the Bible: Covenant in Contemporary Perspective ( Nacodoches , TX : Covenant Media Press, 2004).

“John Frame on Just War Theory” posted at

“Johnson on Van Til: a Rejoinder,” with Steve Hays, Evangelical Quarterly 76-3 (July, 2004), 227-239. Available at

“Retraction and Apology,” posted at, included as erratum sheet in Sandlin, Backbone of the Bible (above).

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The Burden of Change: a Warning Against Laziness and Shortcuts,” Christian Culture (Sept., 2004), 4.


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“Above the Battle” at ibid.

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“Loving God With Your Mind Without Becoming an Intellectual Pharisee,” at ibid.

“Preaching Christ From the Decalogue,” at ibid.

“How to be Confident Amid Millennial Frenzies,” ibid.

“Christian Schools,” ibid.

“Must We Always Tell the Truth?” Christian Culture (Sept., 2005), 3-4, and at

“My Use of the Reformed Confessions” at

“A Theology of Opportunity,” at ibid.

“Introduction to the Reformed Faith,” at ibid.

“How to Believe in God in the 2000s,” at ibid.

“Reactive Ethics and Sola Scriptura,” at ibid.

“Van Til Reconsidered,” at ibid.

No Other God in Korean, tr. Sung-Kook Hong (Seoul: Christian Literature Crusade, 2005).

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Theology at the Movies posted at

“An Interview With John Frame,” by Marco Gonzalez, on Also at


 “In Defense of Christian Activism,” Christian Culture (April, 2006), 1-4. Longer version at (April 19, 2006).

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Articles published in Campbell Campbell-Jack and others, New Dictionary of Apologetics (Leicester, IVP, 2006), posted at

  • Certainty, 141-145.
  • Determinism, Chance, and Freedom, 218-220.
  • Infinite Series, 353-54.
  • Ontological Argument, 513-16
  • Presuppositionalism, 575-78.
  • Self-refuting Statements, 660-62.
  • Transcendental Argument, 716-17.
  • Unregenerate Knowledge of God, 732-35.
  • Van Til, Cornelius 739-40.

Previously unpublished items, posted at (Previously published items were also posted there.)

  • Bahnsen at the Stein Debate
  • Ethics and Biblical Events
  • Hurting People’s Feelings
  • Law and Gospel
  • Minorities in the Reformed Churches
  • Must We Always Tell the Truth?
  • Women Teaching Adult Sunday School Classes
  • Penultimate Thoughts on Theonomy
  • Cloning
  • Notes on Preaching
  • Providence in All of Life
  • The Regulative Principle (debate with Darryl Hart)
  • Is Intelligent Design Science?
  • Is it Wrong to Market the Church?
  • A Van Til Glossary
  • Triads for Apologetics

Salvation Belongs to the Lord (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2006).

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Apologetics to the Glory of God in Japanese (Tokyo: Word of Life Press, 2006).


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  • “Glossary”
  • “Backgrounds to My Thought”
  • “Recommended Resources”

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  • “God’s Personal Words”
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Systematic Theology (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2013).

Future Projects

The Academic Captivity of Theology

Reformed Evangelicalism

Simple Obedience

Lecture Outlines

Apologetic Method

Christian Apologetics (for adult Sunday School class)

Doctrine of the Christian Life (book outline)

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Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (book outline)

Doctrine of the Word of God

History of Epistemology

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought

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Systematic Theology 1, Scripture and God

The Thought of Cornelius Van Til

Audio, Video


The comprehensive covenant lordship of Christ

Interview by Ligon Duncan, on radio program, 2004. Audiobook on tape


General, Multi-subject

Foundations of Systematic Theology, taped course, by Institute for Theological Studies, Grand Rapids, MI

Interview by Bill Feltner, Pilgrim Radio, Carson City, Nev., “His People” program, 2006. Salvation Belongs to the Lord

Interview by Don and Nick Wight, for podcast and radio, on Apologetics, Church,

Open Theism: Aug. 29.

Understanding theology (Westminster Media) 1976

Systematic Theology 1, Scripture and God, RTS Virtual (available on RTS I-tunes)

Theological Intro., Method, Structure

Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, Course taught at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, 1990?. Westminster Media.

Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, Chapter read by someone other than Frame, available at

Interview by Keith Plummer on “Machen’s Warrior Children, “ .

Lecture on “Machen’s Warrior Children,” at (Probably given at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church in 2003 or 2004.)
Word of God, Scripture

“Antithesis and the Doctrine of Scripture,” inaugural lecture on receipt of the J. D. Trimble chair of systematic theology and philosophy. 2006. Available from RTS/Orlando.

Christ & community people of the Book Westminster Media, 1977. Cassette. Location: Jackson
Cassette BS480 .F72 1977

Inerrancy, an unbiblical concept?
by John M Frame
Audiobook on tape
Language: English
Publisher: Philadelphia, Pa. : Westminster Media, 1979.

Location: Jackson
Cassette 4600

Understanding revelation (Westminster Media) 1976

Doctrine of God

Interviews on Salvation Belongs to the Lord and No Other God, with Brent Siddall of Trans-World Radio (Oct. 16 and Dec. 6)

Interview on No Other God CDR Radio Network, 1-800-333-0601.

Lecture on Open Theism, RTS/Charlotte

Location: Charlotte
Audio Cassette
Audio BT131 .F73 2001

Sickness, Responsibility, and Ability

Theological Education

“Going to Seminary” Video Interview w/organ, RTS 7/25/08



Apologetics Course, RTS Virtual (available on RTS I-Tunes).

Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, Course taught at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, 1990?. Westminster Media. Deals with epistemology, apologetic method, philosophy.

Understanding apologetics (Westminster Media) 1976. Including Aristotle & Plotinus early Christian thought vs. the philosophers, Greek philosophy vs. Christianity Origen, Athanasius, Augustine Location: Jackson
Cassette BR128.G8 F73 1976

Understanding apologetics Roman Catholic theology (w/ Robert B. Strimple) [WTS Media, 1976, 2 cassettes]

Apologetic Method

Apologetics and you
by John M Frame; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Southern Apologetics Society. 2004.

Debate between John A. [i.e. H.] Gerstner and John Frame [1972, 2 cassettes]

Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, Chapter read by someone other than Frame, available at

Panel–“How does an unbeliever ‘know God’?” (Grady Spires; John M Frame;  Henry Krabbendam) [WTS Media, 1979, 1 cassette]

Presuppositional Apologetics. Reading of a Chapter from Five Views of Apologetics by someone other than Frame. At

Presuppositional Apologetics, different from the above, at

Presuppositions. Reading of a chapter of Cornelius Van Til by someone other than Frame. Available at

Reclaiming the Mind, Converse with Scholars, “Presuppositional Apologetics” 2006. 043988

Interview by Kevin Bolling on Doctrine of the Knowledge of God June 1, 2010.

Interview by Brian Auten on, on Apologetics to the Glory of God.


Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, Course taught at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, 1990?. Westminster Media.

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought, RTS Virtual (available at RTS I-tunes).

See Understanding Apologetics, above.



Lecture on Church Unity (based on Evangelical Reunon), at Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church, around 2003-04.


Christian worship music is it postmodern?
by John Frame

SBTS Worship Conference

Available at
Audiobook on CD
Language: English
Publisher: 2004.

Interview by David Vaughn, KSIV, St. Louis, Feb. 20, 2002, on Worship. 314-961-2915.

Lectures on worship at Northland: a Church Distributed

Northland Worship School, 2002, 2003, 2008

Servanthood Class

Music and salvation
by John M Frame
Audiobook on tape
Language: English
Publisher: Mt Olive, Miss. : Mt. Olive Tape Library, [between 1979 and 1982, or 1975]

Location: Jackson
Cassette BR115.M8 F72


Music and worship. [sound recording] / Dr. John M. Frame, Wes King.
Author: Frame, John M., 1939-
Found: frame(1) john(1)
Locations: Charlotte

Audio Cassette
Audio BV290 .F73 2001

Cassette BV290 .F73 2001

Reformed Conference on Church Music [sound recording]. (1978)
Author: Frame, John M., 1939-
Found: frame(1) john(1)
Location: Jackson

Cassette ML3001 .R44 1978

Worship and the Reformation Gospel, Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church, PCA, Greenville, SC

Worshiping God’s Way, 1 and 2, from SBTS Conference on Worship. Available at


Interview by Gene Cook, The Narrow Mind, on Redemptive-Historical Preaching GCJR@Verizon.Net.


General, Multi-subject

Pastoral and Social Ethics Course, RTS Virtual

Ethical Method, Structure of Decisions

Making Biblical Decisions, video course, Third Millennium Ministries. Parts 1 and 2.

Sickness, Responsibility, and Ability,


Toward a Christian politics
by John M Frame
Audiobook on tape
Language: English
Publisher: 1982.

Sexual and ethical conflicts in modern medicine …

by Hilton Pack Terrell; John M Frame; Barrett L Mosbacker; John Jefferson Davis; Ronald W Reed; Lewis Hicks; Charles McConnell, Rev.; Forum for Biblical Ethics in Medicine.;
Audiobook on tape
Language: English
Publisher: Florence, S.C. : Journal of Biblical Ethics in Medicine, 1990.

Location: Jackson
Cassette R724 .N67 1990

What is Holiness?


Graduate club forum
SBTS, 2004, 1 cassette]

Comments on Doctrinal Questions about The Apostles’ Creed (Third Millennium DVD Project) (2010)

Sermons (Written, Unpublished)

1 Cor. 1-6- series of 30 sermons (mostly chapel talks).

2 Pet. 3, Grow in Grace


Evangelism to Muslims


Galatians 3: a Dialogue

Gentleness in the Pastorate

God and the War

God With Us

God’s Gift of Time

How to Believe in God in then 2000s (three sermons)


John 5

Keeping Your Elders Happy, Heb. 13:17.

Marriage as Unjust Suffering

Maximum Christianity,1 Cor. 9.

Mixed Marriages (1 Pet. 3:1-6)

Preservation (2 Pet. 3)

Psm. 50

Reformation Day

Savior of the Crushed, Isa. 57:15

Shouting for Joy, Psm. 98

The Bible on the Problem of Evil

The Failure of Non-Christian Ethics

The God of Thanksgiving

Why Should I Vote?

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